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Item #1006
Anniversary Golf Can
Golf Coins, Stamps, Shirt and More
Issue Price:  $42.99   

Approximate Quantity Available with XL shirt: 3,200
Approximate Quantity Available with M shirt: 1,200

This attractive metal “golf can” embossed with the word “Canada” was issued jointly by the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post at the official issue price of $42.99. Celebrating golf in Canada, the can is packed with: 
  • A high quality golf shirt (70% cotton and 30 % polyester) in midnight blue (choice of Medium or XL)
  • A divot repair tool with a low mintage and highly collectable commemorative ten cent coin that also doubles as a ball marker, protected in a green felt pouch
  • Four unique mint condition commemorative postage stamps sin the shape of golf balls
  • Three Wilson Jack golf balls
  • Five-pack of golf tees


Item #1007    
Framed Golf

Coin and Stamp Presentation
Issue Price $49.99


This 14.25” x 12.25” collectable framed presentation was issued jointly by the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada post in 2004, at a time when the price of silver was about half of the current market value. The set includes an extremely low mintage $5 coin marking the 100th anniversary of the Canadian open, together with a special edition commemorative 10 cent coin, two unique circular stamps, a pewter medallion, and two Glen Abbey Golf Course wooden tees. The $5 coin is struck in .9999 pure silver with a frosted cameo proof finish and weighs nearly one ounce.

With a total mintage of only 25,000, the $5 coin and dime are extremely low mintage coins and highly sought after collectibles. The framed presentation comes with a picture of the Glen Abbey Golf Course where the Open was held in 2004. However, the inner frame is set up so this picture can easily be exchanged for a custom 4” x 6” image.

Available quantity to:  6,850
Suitable for resale in any gift shop, sporting store, pro shop etc.



Item #1008  
Special Edition Golf Dimes
And Divot Tool
Issue Price: $19.95

In 2004, the Royal Canadian Mint produced a limited collector edition ten cent coin marking the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Open Golf Championship. At the same time, Canada Post issued two different unusual golf ball shaped postage stamps marking the same commemorative. Together, the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post issued this special anniversary pack featuring two of the commemorative dimes (one in a magnetic ball mark / divot repair tool) together with both commemorative stamps. Official issue price for the presentation was $19.95 each, although the current secondary retail market value of each dime alone is now about $20.

Available quantity: 9,500 units



Item #1009  
Golf Stamp Coasters
Issue Price: $9.99

This set of six high quality drink coasters was created by Canada Post featuring three coasters in each of the same two different commemorative golf stamp designs.  Perfect for the 19th hole!

Available quantity: 6,500 units

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